Go Green

What are you doing to



Going green can be as simple as making small, yet effective changes in your lifestyle using eco friendly hair products.  Whether you vow to cut back on your shower time, recycle all your cans, bottles, glass and paper, or only use green, organic products, you’re making an effort to keep the planet healthier and you’re being eco-friendly!

Hamadi believes that hair is more than something that just sits on top of your head. It is so much of an emotional thing, a seemingly small detail that is essential to our well-being. Hair is deeply connected to the self and an external expression of what’s within.

Natural hair care products are better for your hair, health and well-being. Natural products like those in the Hamadi line, work WITH your hair’s natural oils and balance instead of AGAINST it, like the chemical filled lines do.

Natural products are better for the environment. Every time we rinse shampoo and conditioner out of our hair, it goes down the drain and into our soil and water systems. Using natural products is one way of more carefully considering the lasting effect our daily habits have on our environment.

True beauty comes from within. When our spirit and souls are at peace and integrated into who we truly are we feel beautiful and it shows! Reconnect to the earth through natural and organic ingredients, and create an experience of complete wellness.