Why Use Organic Hair Products?

Posted: Aug 07 2014

Organic hair products are not only safer for the environment they are also safe for the users. With increasing concerns over climate change, many people are now shifting to organic foods and products. Apart from consuming organic food, you can also try to shift to organic hair products.

High Absorption Rate

When we use cosmetics and cleansers, a high percentage of the product is absorbed by our bodies through our skin. This means that when we use chemical, synthetic, or traditional hair products such as shampoos and conditioners, our bodies absorb a lot of the harmful chemicals.

Allergies and Cancers

Traditional or synthetic hair products contain ingredients such as parabens that disrupt the hormonal cycle and cause cancers. Other ingredients can cause allergies.

Harsh Long Term Effect

Even when chemical and synthetic shampoos and other hair products leave your hair soft and silky in the short term, they might be causing long term damage to your scalp and hair. These products might be drying your scalp and making your hair brittle and prone to further damage.

Advantages of Organic Hair Products

Organic hair products are free from allergens and cancer causing chemicals. This makes them safe for regular long term use even by pregnant women. As organic hair products are free of hormone disrupter and other chemicals that affect the organs, they are unlikely to cause cancers and allergies.

Long Term Benefits

Organic hair products not only provide immediate conditioning and cleaning of hair, making it easier to style your hair, they also work toward the long term health of your scalp and hair. Organic hair products that contain coconut oil, for instance, will moisturize the scalp and prevent itches, flakes, and allergies. It will also help strengthen the scalp and ensure that you experience less hair fall.

Similarly, those with dry or brittle hair can use shampoos and other hair products that contain shea butter to enrich their hair and give it a healthy glow.

Specific Properties

There are a wide variety of organic and natural ingredients that are added to hair products to help keep it clean, soft, and silky. Depending on the type of hair you have and the specific issues you need to combat, you can choose an organic hair product that best suits your needs. For instance, those who suffer from sensitive skin and an itchy scalp can use shampoos that contain tea tree oil. This oil has antiseptic and anti-microbial properties and help control a range of conditions such as dandruff.

Organic hair products are not only fantastic for the environment but are spectacular for your hair. They will work to ensure the long term health of your hair, keeping it looking radiant for years. While many organic hair products are expensive when compared to synthetic shampoos, over the long term you will be able to experience cost savings as you will need to spend less on treating your hair to keep it looking healthy and soft. This makes organic hair products the best choice for almost anyone.

Hamadi Organic Hair Products are certified ECOCERT Hair Care Products.